A Day in the Beach

I stood up and started walking towards the sea. No less than 45 seconds later, I turned at looked at my red slippers that I left lying near the rocks, carefully deciding against my decision not to wear them. Shrugging this idea off of my mind, I continued walking and, almost immediately, I regretted choosing not to wear my red rubber slippers. I looked down to my feet and saw the dried up corals that peppered the beige sand. So, this is why the soles of my feet were hurting… some corals were sharp; sharp enough to hurt skin that’s not used to walking barefoot on rough grounds. I would have preferred finer sand, like Boracay’s powdery fine treasure. But then again, that’s asking for too much. This island is beautiful enough, even without the smooth sand that I long for. Besides, the corals- in hues of reds, oranges, browns and grays- were very pretty to look at.

I continued on walking, all the while, looking at the beautiful waters ahead. The sea’s clear blues and greens were soothing to the eyes. As soon as my feet touched the water, I suddenly felt better, not minding if the corals hurt my tired feet earlier… Not minding if the sun’s heat was burning my fair skin… Not minding my sea-sickness while I was on my way to this island. I stood on the edge of the beach, far from the sea’s depths, but near enough for the soft waves to touch my skin as they kiss the edge of the fine beach. The cool, crystal clear water was inviting. No wonder I am not the only one who came here to revel in the beauty of the place.

I surveyed the sea, wondering how deep the waters were. Some 5 meters from where I stand, the water already possessed a deep blue hue, indicative of its depth. Indicative of the fact that I should not go there- simply because I do not trust my swimming skills. I chose to walk slowly (ignoring the fact that there are more dried corals under my feet) and stopped when the water reached my hip. Again, I looked at the blue water just ahead of me.

Thoughts ran in my mind. “Should I go ahead and walk farther, slowly, carefully, just to check how deep the water is?” “Should I just stay here and find ways to cool down without actually swimming and wading in the water’s depths?”

Tough luck. I chose the latter.

I carefully sat down and stretched my exhausted legs underwater. I am still in awe of the crystal clear water. With the waves just strong enough to gently rock me while I was sitting, I stayed in place and allowed my body to cool down. I looked ahead and saw the beautiful mountains I climbed earlier. Looking up, the clear sky in a soft shade of blue greeted me, as if saying, “Aren’t you glad to be here?” There is no sign of rain clouds, no grey, polluted air to cover the view that I’m reveling in right now. Just the green-blue sea, beige sand and the green and brown mountains standing in magnificence.

Indeed, the Philippines is such a beautiful country. :)

This is a response to this week’s Writing Challenge from The Daily Post.

Here is the photo of my subject. :)

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